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Jon Allen-Friend on A Leisurely Stroll (dance)

Beautiful dance I prefer the no hands version which is very graceful.

Edwin Werner on The Glenalmond Gamekeeper (dance)

Excellent dance. Personally I would replace the ladies‘ chain by a men‘s chain.

SCD Chemnitz on Chemnitz Loopings (dance)

The dance description can now be found at https://www.folkverein-chemnitz.de/scd/Chemnitz_Loopings.pdf.

Edwin Werner on Portnacraig (dance)

Good dance but too many half figures.

Patricia Harland on How many are there tonight, David? (dance)

Good straightforward dance that I use regularly with my inexperienced class.

Arthur Kingsland on A Christmas Party Jig (dance)

Jean Shaw’s full instructions give the first 8 bars as “All Circle 8H around to the left (only)” and the final 8 bars as “All Circle 8H around to the right (only)”, rather than the “All Circle 8H around and back” in both places in these MiniCribs. See “29 Dances devised by Jean Shaw (North Wales)” [see “Overview” information for this dance.]

Oleynikov Pavel on The Queen's Quadrille (dance)

Pretty unusual, could look overwhelming on first glance, but in fact nicely structured and easy to remember.

Ann McBride on The Lamp Of Lothian (dance)

Note on the original: Devised by Mrs. Jean Henderson, North Berwick, in honour of her Haddington Class. The tunes listed on the sheet music are: The Merry Boys of Greenland and The Peerie Hoose with the note: These are traditional Shetland Reels collected by the Shetland Folk Society and transcribed by Ian Mouat.

Zsofia Jozsef on Marine Four-Step (dance)

I love this dance as a warm-up, specially the set of tune we used for it containing the “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?”. Fun dancing on your own as well at home, till we are back to the dance floor.

Holly Boyd on Gothenburg's Welcome (dance)

The video that comes up on a scd data base crib sheet is not really appropriate (especially in these pandemic times when we are using videos to help us teach on-line classes). Could it be changed?

Angelika Schmidkonz on Dragonflies (dance)

Our dancers really liked this dance and asked me to keep it in mind for repetition on another night. They liked the unusual arrangement of the five dancers and the feel and flow of it and thought (which I can confirm having watched and not danced it myself) that it would look great in a demonstration if danced nicely.

Angelika Schmidkonz on The Ghost and Mary Jo (dance)

A fun dance for two and a half couples which also works very well without giving hands during the turns. While our dancers enjoyed this dance very much, they thought changing bars 29+30 with bars 31+32 would give it a better flow.