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Joan Thompson on Cabbages And Kings (dance)

Is mini crib wrong?

original instructions in “S C Dances from the Harbour City” Copyright 1986 by RSCDS New Zealand Branch.

Author Romaine Butterfield

1-16.1 as shown in the mini-crib 17-20 1s turn 1st corners once round with Right Hand. 1s return to own side 2nd place 21-24 1s turn 2nd corners once round with left hand. 1s return to own side in 2nd place 25-28 1st man with 3rd couple and 1st woman with 2nd couple dance right hands across 29-32 1st man with 2nd couple and 1st woman with 3rd couple dance left hands across

Repeat having passed a couple

There is no mention of passing partner by right or left shoulder anywhere in the instructions.

Zsofia Jozsef on Aarhus Festival (dance)

As a first dance we did this one, it was nice! Only note it is a fix 3 couple dance.

Zsofia Jozsef on A Trip Around Salt Spring (dance)

The Weasel Reel looks great, the dance would be perfect for demonstration as well.

Anselm Lingnau on O Wha's at The Window (dance)

This is a fun dance with an interesting twist on 10-bar phrases. In my opinion it deserves more exposure. The recorded music (by Susan Worland and Andy Imbrie) is also very nice.

Anselm Lingnau on A Dancer's Dream (dance)

I like this dance because it flows well and includes an interesting selection of formations. Especially the Rose Progression is seldom seen and would deserve more exposure. I’m not enthusiastic about the Dance to each Corner & Set starting on bar 9 (which means it goes across the 16-bar boundary and ends in the middle of the next phrase) but I suppose that can’t really be helped.

This dance is ball programme material.

Edwin Werner on The Cooper Children (dance)

A LH turn on bars 19-20 is the way it was described in the first version of the dance (leaflet).

Dave Smith on The Sugar Loaf Jig (dance)

Moves along nicely, very natural.

Martina Mueller-Franz on Farewell to Forty-Nine (dance)

The original dance description is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cettkzxu6v63cpv/Farewell%20to%2049%20-%20R32%203c-4c%20-%20Bonn%20%2B%20Cologne%20SCD%20groups%202014.pdf?dl=0

Thomas Ward on The Jacobite Ladies Of Murrayshall (dance)

I danced this at the Santa Catalina workshop in California in May 2014, taught by Marjorie McLaughlin. It was intricate, tricky, and a blast.

allan wood on The Bonnie Tree (dance)
  1. 3 of the 4 couples are involved almost constantly.
  2. Twirl is graceful and fun for both spectators and dancers!
  3. Strathspey emphasizes co-ordinated actions and stylish movement.
Karen Selick on Those Russians (dance)

I recently attended a workshop by Jimmie Hill in which he suggested that SCD might appeal to more people if it were set to modern music. Historically, that’s how SCD developed, by using the same steps but setting them to ever more modern music. This video is a splendid example of how SCD can be made very exciting and modern-looking with the right choice of music and costumes. Well done!

Ron Russell on The Flower of the Quern (dance)