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Ron Russell on The Flower o' the Quern (dance)

I often hear comments that this dance should be called “Flour o’ the Quern” as a Quern is a grinding stone.

As I understand it (although not a Gaelic speaker), a quern (pronounced ‘kern’) is Gaelic for ‘hollow’.

A verse is included as a dedication in James Scott Skinner’s original sheet music:


The flo-ers grow fair on the lowland vales,

an’ green grow the wids on the braes,

an’ saft an’ low sing the scented gales

in the lang, lang simmer days;

But dearer to me are the mountains blue

where grow the heath an’ fern,

an’ the bonniest flo’er is the ane I lo’e

that blooms ‘mang the braes o’ the Quern.

I believe this verse is by J. Gordon Phillips

Jay Andrews on The Kissing Bridge (dance)

This dance is incorrectly categorized in the Overview as a three couple set dance. Whereas it’s a three couple dance in a four couple set. The progression is 2134.

Laura Adam on Via Aberlemno (dance)

Written for my class by John Robertson of Perth. An excellent 'starter’t to any programme.

Laura Adam on Vice Versa (dance)

One of Eddie West’s excellent dances. Celtic Reels always popular!

Laura Adam on Never at Sea (dance)

The whole class just love this dance. Unusual in a 6 couple set.

Laura Adam on Tribute to John Drewry (dance)

A dance worth doing with any class.

Laura Adam on Wesley Harry (dance)

An excellent dance to add to a class list of favourites.

Laura Adam on Ocean Voyage (dance)

One of the best 5 couple dances introduced recently!

Laura Adam on Entente Florale (dance)

Still ‘working’ on this dance with the class. Definitely worth the effort.

Laura Adam on Mrs Stuart Linnell (dance)

An excellent dance and worth the effort to learn!!

Laura Adam on The Huntsman (dance)

A dance worth attempting over and over again until you get it correct!!

Laura Adam on Julia (dance)

Definitely a dance worth attempting with advanced dancers.