Tune The College Hornpipe 2054

Also known as “The Sailor's Hornpipe”.

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College Hornpipe College Hornpipe Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 1/4 The College Hornpipe/The Drunken Sailor/The Rocket Hornpipe/Paddy Mack
College Hornpipe, The The College Hornpipe Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 1/4
The College Hornpipe/Ian Woodcraft/Saint Columba's Sword/Miss Kay Rose
College Hornpipe, The The College Hornpipe Ian Holmes and his Band R32 8 1/3
The College Hornpipe/Miss Gayton's Hornpipe/The Rocket Hornpipe
College Hornpipe, The The College Hornpipe Lothian Scottish Dance Band R32 4 1/4 The College Hornpipe/Miss Gayton's Hornpipe/Braes of Gleniffer/The Navvie
College Hornpipe, The The College Hornpipe Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 1/1 The College Hornpipe
Duke of Wellington, The The Duke of Wellington Acoustic Tuna R32 8 2/3 Waterloo Hornpipe/The College Hornpipe/Manchester Hornpipe
Gleneagles Reel Gleneagles Reel Bluebell SCD Trio R40 8 3/4 Dean MacKay's Scots Measure/Jacky Tar/The College Hornpipe/Douglas Hornpipe
Jessie's Hornpipe Jessie's Hornpipe Jimmy Blair and his TV-Jigtime Band R32 8 2/3 The Ton/The College Hornpipe/The Tugboat Hornpipe
Mary Rose Hornpipe, The The Mary Rose Hornpipe Andrew Rankine and his Band R40 8 1/4 The College Hornpipe/Portsmouth/Auld Donald/The Doodler's
Reels Reels Peter Bruce R32 8 1/4 The College Hornpipe/Glasgow Hornpipe/The Anvil/Tony Reid of Balnakilly
Sailor's Hornpipe Sailor's Hornpipe P/M James R Robertson h32 6 1/1 The College Hornpipe
Set of Reels Set of Reels McBain's Scottish Country Dance Band R32 4 2/2
Kirk's Hornpipe/The College Hornpipe
West's Hornpipe West's Hornpipe Green Ginger R32 4 3/4
Robertson's Hornpipe/The Saratoga Hornpipe/The College Hornpipe/Mr John Trotter of Castlelaw's Hornpipe
Mary Rose Hornpipe Mary Rose Hornpipe R403/4L Douglas G Skinner
Shapeshifting Shapeshifting R404/4L Barry Skelton
Tall Ships, The The Tall Ships R403/4L Francine Bowlen
Jamie's Hornpipe Jamie's Hornpipe R322/4L Harry C Ways
Our Dancing Soutar Our Dancing Soutar R323/4L Rhoda Tanner
John Paul Jones John Paul Jones R323/4L John Drewry
H.I.S.C.D. H.I.S.C.D. R323/4L Lisbeth & Douglas Henderson
Dundee Branch Diamond Jubilee Dundee Branch Diamond Jubilee R323/4L Lisbeth & Douglas Henderson
Laidlaw Laid Low Laidlaw Laid Low R324/4L Ted Sommerville
Sailor's Hornpipe Sailor's Hornpipe h321p Unknown