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Andrew Buxton on Never at Sea (dance)

Great to do if you have 6 couples left at the end of an evening. You need to plan carefully if you want to dance to your favourite tune.

Anne-Marie Forsyth on Catch the Wind (dance)

The specific Flirtation Hornpipe to which this dance has always been danced in New Zealand (and elsewhere) is called the Merry Go Round.

Andy Peterson on The Australian Ladies (dance)

Who doesn’t love highcutting whole turning the wrong way round as 2nd and 3rd couple in the meanwhile figure.

Andy Peterson on Bonnie Anne (dance)

If you like pas-de-basque this is for YOU! Kind of fun, some weirdly slow bits, like the transition into the square set. But could be good if you mix in some highland setting steps.

Andy Peterson on Macvicar's Hornpipe (dance)

Just danced this at Friday class. Love those clover leaf reels. Lots of twirly loopy fun!

Andy Peterson on The Phantom Piper (dance)

Never danced it, but the videos make it look like FUN.

Jerry Reinstein on A London Celebration (dance)

Good warm-up dance

Jacmel Dent on The Swan and the Tay (dance)

I think it should be noted, with this video, that the 3rd couple do not do cross-over reels as the crib describes,

Andy Peterson on Glastonbury Tor (dance)

Just danced this at the 2017 Asilomar weekend in California. Great music by Ron Wallace an Hood Wink & Swagger (& Friends). A rollicking good time.

Edwin Werner on Blooms of Ben Lawers (dance)

A very interesting strathspey and personal favourite which was on one of my own dance programmes in 2006. 1st and 4th couples should stretch their figures of 8 a bit to make it work out well, but it is really great fun. After the rondels (which are centrosymmetric as well!) 1st and 4th couples face out to start another go.

Edwin Werner on The Restless Ghost (dance)
Ellie Briscoe on A Dance Odyssey (dance)

No birl here that I can see; and it’s Dance Odyssey, not Dancy.