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Edwin Werner on The Aiken Tree (dance)

This is a very good one! Only objection might be: too many half figures (cf. Portnacraig).

Andy Peterson on Tushielaw Brae (dance)

Good fun. Even better if you make it a 3 couple set dance by changing the final pousette into a 3 couple pousette.

Andy Peterson on Dvorana (dance)

If you are looking for a fun, and different square set, this is great.

No cribs or videos. They do not come up on dance lists

Brenda Hole on The Compleat Gardener (dance)

This is a nice dance if you are still sprightly with a spring in your step. For those who are forcibly becoming more sedate, it is a bit of a struggle to get around the corners for the cross/casts and then the pass-and-turns. It ends up being too much of a dash to be a favourite!

Terry Harvey on The Valley Over the Hill (dance)

Excellent use of S&L three, and mixing it with half diagonal R&L makes it really fun for the experienced dancer who wants to move and wants a challenge, but with a trad feel. Circle!

Andy Peterson on The Valley Over the Hill (dance)

Like Glastonbury Tor, this gem drives and pivots and drives some more. Super fun.

Brian Carr on Unsung Hero (dance)

I really enjoy the flow of this dance! Very well done.

Bruce Herbold on The Goodhind Reel (dance)

Challenging but satisfying The trick is partly to remember that bottom couple always faces out at the end of each figure. The MuWi figure (or cascade as I am going to continue calling it) is an exceptionally efficient way to get the 1s progressed and the corners diagonally opposite – Drewry seems to have loved it, and this might be his best use of it.

Zsofia Jozsef on Come And Dance With Me (dance)

One of our early strathspey was this dance and the group loves it. It is great for beginners but it has so many technical elements, you will love it.

Andy Peterson on Flights of Fancy (dance)

Just danced this (again) at the Berkeley Youth Experienced Class. Wow. That is a fun dance. Love the initial chase and turn into the chase half way figure.

Andrew Buxton on The Haunt Of The Gnomes (dance)

Pretty hard to get right - especially as it’s not often done.