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Peter Price on Miss Jane Muirhead of Dunsmuir (dance)

A sweet dance.

Peter Price on The Flying Spur (dance)

It is a good dance! The one recording I have is uninspired so I have been using Marian Anderson’s recording of “Famous Baravan” which works very well for this dance.

Peter Price on City of Belfast (dance)

The dance is very good but I love the music.

Peter Price on Starlight (dance)

Pick any good reel

Andrew Buxton on The Dancing Bees (dance)

I find this a good dance for beginners. You’re dancing nearly all the time with your partner and helps the beginner with steps and reels. Hardly any setting so I also use it as a starting dance in classes. Plus great music!

Edmund McIntosh on Elegant Lassies Of Elgin (dance)
Jan Jones on The Reel of the 51st Division (dance)


I thought you’d like to know that this link has an error

Peter Price on The Fountain Strathspey (dance)

The fountain move and the paddle turns make for lots of interactions

Peter Price on Yet Another Birthday (dance)

Nice modification of the “Maurice” progression! Keeper!

Eric Ferguson on It's Just for Fun (dance)

The diagram shows Turn L for 1st couple on [25-26], that should be 1/2 turn l.

Nowhere does it say who made and uploaded this diagram, so I see no way of requesting the author to correct it. I propose that in future the website should record the information on diagram authors, and make that visible onsite, just as for Keith Rose’s diagrams.

Andrew Buxton on All Saints by the Sea (dance)

I find this a nice dance to start the class. Needs only 3 couples, no setting, doesn’t take long, and doesn’t tax the brain too much.

Andy Mills on Andrew's Dance (dance)

Devised to flow easily into and out of a Ladies Chain.