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Tune "Any Good Strathspey" (author's statement) 11555

Composed by

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Midsummer Strathspey, A A Midsummer Strathspey S323/3L Tim Harrison
Pond Place Pond Place S322RR Chris Ronald
First Love First Love S322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Snow on a Hilltop Snow on a Hilltop S322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Sweet Mary Sweet Mary S322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Just Around the Corner Just Around the Corner S323/4L Derek Haynes
Green Garden, The The Green Garden S323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Green Street Green Street S403/3L Chris Ronald
Swans of Berneray, The The Swans of Berneray S323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Road to Ben Hope (Demonstration dance), The The Road to Ben Hope (Demonstration dance) S483/3L Frans Ligtmans
Grandmother's Delight Grandmother's Delight S323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Golden Chain, The The Golden Chain S323/3L Chris Ronald
Come And Dance With Me Come And Dance With Me S322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Puffins, The The Puffins S322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Road to Ben Hope, The The Road to Ben Hope S323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Under A Thatched Roof Under A Thatched Roof S323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Garden Party, The The Garden Party S323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Blue Lights of Pizza Express, The The Blue Lights of Pizza Express S324S Kirsten Ferguson
United in Harmony United in Harmony S324/4L Anna Smail
Midnight Tryst at Haunted Manor Midnight Tryst at Haunted Manor S324/4L Tim Wilson
Robert's Reel Robert's Reel S323/4L Melinda R Palmer
Wee Dram Before Tea, A A Wee Dram Before Tea S323/4L Linda Mae Dennis
Be my Partner Be my Partner S404/4L Zoltán Gräff
SOAP SOAP S323/3L Zsolt Molnár
Cherry Blossom Strathspey Cherry Blossom Strathspey S404S Gábor Turi
Romancing Ramona Romancing Ramona S404/4L Judith Kowalczik
Charles Stuart Charles Stuart S323/4L Unknown
Desert Sands Desert Sands S323pT Jane Lataille
Knit Me a Tam Knit Me a Tam S324pS Deborah Dennison
Southwest Sunset Southwest Sunset S324pS Jane Lataille
Déjà Vu Déjà Vu S322/3L Jane Lataille
Roundabout Roundabout S323/4L Jane Lataille
No Rest for the Wicked No Rest for the Wicked S323pT Deborah Moore
Bonnie Cockade, The The Bonnie Cockade S324pS Deborah Dennison
Crossing the Clyde Crossing the Clyde S323/4L Jane Lataille
Strawberry Swirl Strawberry Swirl S323/4L Jane Lataille
Watch This Watch This J325/5L Jane Lataille
Spring Fever Spring Fever S323/3L Jane Lataille
Gordian Knot Gordian Knot S32? Jane Lataille
Dragonflies Dragonflies S325p Jane Lataille
Muse Cottage Muse Cottage S323/3L Roy Goldring
Janice Janice S323/3L Lara Friedman-Shedlov
Sunlit Square, The The Sunlit Square S644S John Drewry
Slow And Simple Slow And Simple S323/4L Ponteland Class
Crofter, The The Crofter S325/5L Tim Harrison
Alec Hay's Delight Alec Hay's Delight S323/3L John Drewry
Marengo Blue Marengo Blue S482/2L Maurice Harcombe
Moonshine Moonshine S485/5L Jennie Miller Any 5 x 48 Strathspey selection
Clouded Moon Clouded Moon S324/4L Jennie Miller Any 4x32 Strathspey selection with a pastoral feel to it.
Spell of the Rising Moon Spell of the Rising Moon S324/4L Jennie Miller Any 4 x 32 Strathspey selection with a pastoral air.
Moonrakers, The The Moonrakers S404S Jennie Miller Any 4 x 32 strathspey selection with a medium beat.
Moon's Halo, The The Moon's Halo S405/5L Jennie Miller Any 5 x 40 bar strathspey selecton with a moderate beat.
Lunar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse S484/4L Jennie Miller Strathspey selection with a moderately strong beat
Rod and Kristin's Farewell Fugue Rod and Kristin's Farewell Fugue S323/4L Terry Glasspool
Courtship, The The Courtship S404/4L James and Sharon LaTourette
Merry Go Round, The The Merry Go Round S322/2L Marshall McLaughlin
Bielefeld Bear, The The Bielefeld Bear S323/4L Rik de Vroome
First Love First Love S323/4L Joan Baker
Entertainer, The The Entertainer S324/4L Ross MacDonald
Heather Dewar Heather Dewar S324/4L Evelyn Ramwell
10th Anniversary Celebration 10th Anniversary Celebration S324/4L Bob Anderson
Silvery Knot, The The Silvery Knot S323/4L Stella Fogg
A for Alex A for Alex S324/4L Rik de Vroome
April Sky April Sky S324/4L Ferenc Szemeredi
Cape Disappointment Light Cape Disappointment Light S324/4L Valerie K Moore
Covid Lockdown Strathspey Covid Lockdown Strathspey S322/4L Samuele Graziani Example: 12 Coates Crescent
Jim the Dancing Janny Jim the Dancing Janny S323/3L John Foster
Printing Master, The The Printing Master S323/4L Russell King
Swelterin' Strathspey, The The Swelterin' Strathspey S323/3L RSCDS Cincinnati Branch Members
Bill Martin's Strathspey Bill Martin's Strathspey S323/4L Evelyn Ramwell
Clydebank Strathspey Clydebank Strathspey S322/4L Roy Goldring
Frontenac Strathspey, The The Frontenac Strathspey S323/4L Betty Bristol
Buckie Jig, The The Buckie Jig J/S322/4L John S Trew
Atholl Reel, The The Atholl Reel R/S322/4L John S Trew
And They Lived Happily Ever After And They Lived Happily Ever After S404/4L Bessie Smith
Skara Brae Skara Brae S325/5L Peter Wright
Mossfennan Mossfennan S323/4L John S Trew
Balmoral Terrace Balmoral Terrace S323/4L John S Trew
Janet Johnston's Strathspey Janet Johnston's Strathspey S324/4L Ute Hoppmann-Lacour
Whiteadder Periscope, The The Whiteadder Periscope S323/3L John Wilkinson
None So Tricky None So Tricky S322/4L Sybille Spägele
Crans and Huckles Crans and Huckles S324/4L Sybille Spägele
Charly's Run Charly's Run S323/4L Rudi Spägele
Hodgsons' Strathspey Hodgsons' Strathspey S323/4L Dorothy Herbert
Moving On Moving On R/S323/4L Tim Luscombe
St. Andrew's Cross St. Andrew's Cross S325pS Lynne Lockwood
Ready, Steady, Go! Ready, Steady, Go! M323/4L Lindsey Trafford
St Barnabas Strathspey St Barnabas Strathspey S325/5L Evelyn Ramwell
Paisley Weavers, The The Paisley Weavers S323/3L Derek Haynes
Happy Trail Happy Trail S324/4L Vicky Goodloe