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Tune "Any Good Reel" (author's statement) 11554

Composed by

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Kirkwhelpington Reel, The The Kirkwhelpington Reel R322/4L Kirkwhelpington class
Lady C Bruce's Reel Lady C Bruce's Reel R323/4L Unknown
Summer Breeze, A A Summer Breeze R323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Petra's Fancy Petra's Fancy R323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Diane's Dilemma Diane's Dilemma R322/4L Derek Haynes
Welcome to Higham Hall Welcome to Higham Hall R322RR Derek Haynes
Perez Hospitality Perez Hospitality R324/4L Chris Ronald
Chase Court Chase Court R322/4L Chris Ronald
Craven Twelvesome, The The Craven Twelvesome R32otherS Derek Haynes
Reel of Happiness, The The Reel of Happiness R323/4L Frans Ligtmans
New Amsterdam New Amsterdam R323/4L Chris Ronald
Thanks to You All Thanks to You All R128other Frans Ligtmans
Borrowdale Exchange, The The Borrowdale Exchange R323T Derek Haynes
Exercise for Beginners Exercise for Beginners R64any/-anyL Frans Ligtmans
Pink Roses Pink Roses R322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Portree Harbour Portree Harbour R322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Certificate Pleasure Certificate Pleasure R323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Trip Around Salt Spring, A A Trip Around Salt Spring R403/3L Richard Bennett
Top Gear Reel Top Gear Reel R484/4L Toby Stanway
Well Mixed Well Mixed R884S Ewen Rennie
Sleepers Awake Sleepers Awake R323/4L Tom Winter
Toad of Toad Hall Toad of Toad Hall R323/4L Tom Winter
King in the Ring King in the Ring R404S Zoltán Gräff
Their Secret Their Secret R323/4L Tamás Hámori and Klára Lovrics
Hungarian Bride Hungarian Bride R485S Eric Finley
Caberthrei Caberthrei R323pT Jane Lataille
Dance of Diamond, The The Dance of Diamond R324pS Jane Lataille
Fivesome, A A Fivesome R485pS Deborah Dennison
Roman Eight Roman Eight R323/3L Deborah Moore
Rockhound Reel, The The Rockhound Reel R323/3L Jane Lataille
Winter Wonder Winter Wonder R323/4L Jane Lataille
Blame it on Jane Blame it on Jane R323pT Deborah Moore
Cast of Four Cast of Four R324pS Deborah Dennison
More for Four More for Four R324pS Jane Lataille
After You After You R323/3L Jane Lataille
Glass House, The The Glass House R323/4L Jane Lataille
Watch This Watch This J325/5L Jane Lataille
Mousetrap Mousetrap R325pS Jane Lataille
Highlandman kissed his Mother, The The Highlandman kissed his Mother R323/4L Unknown
Tea for Two Tea for Two R321c Jane Lataille
Prince of Sutton Coldfield, The The Prince of Sutton Coldfield R323/4L Rod Downey
Ranald's Run Ranald's Run R325pS Deborah Dennison
Honeysuckle Honeysuckle R404/4L Anne Saunderson
Melanie's Reel Melanie's Reel R323/4L Avril and David Quarrie
Best Man, The The Best Man R323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Hog-Roast Rant, The The Hog-Roast Rant R32anyC Stephen Webb
Don't Fall Over Don't Fall Over R323/4L Ruth Stahl
Palnackie Palnackie R323+3RR Roy Goldring
Bonnie Links, The The Bonnie Links R323/4L Unknown
Carnival Study Carnival Study R323/4L Rudi Spägele
London Celebration, A A London Celebration R322RR Ann Dix
Flame From Delhi, The The Flame From Delhi R324S Ian Brockbank
Joanna's Reel Joanna's Reel R403/4L Rik de Vroome
Four Cities Four Cities R644/4L Malcolm Brown Four very different tunes
Illabo Reel Illabo Reel R323+3RR Sheila Gradon
Auckland Region Auckland Region R323/4L Jennie Miller with a moderate beat or Alistair Hunter's Reel of the Gordon HLs
Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm R1284S Jennie Miller 128 or 4x32 bars reel with a moderate beat and pace
Luna Rosa Luna Rosa R323T Jennie Miller 3x32 or 6x32 reel selection with a moderate pace and beat
Winter Schools Winter Schools R325/5L Jennie Miller Any 5 x 32 reel selection with a good beat.
Key of the Door, The The Key of the Door R643/4L A Bruce Fordyce
Tam o' Shanter Tam o' Shanter R323/4L Paulina Barnes
Diamond Quail Diamond Quail R404/4L Clifton Miller
Halswell Reel Halswell Reel R403/4L Brian Hawkins
Mr David Deans Mr David Deans R323/4L John Martin (NZ)
Kongelige, Den Kongelige, Den R403/3L Gunnar Numeus
Lads and Lassies of Livermore, The The Lads and Lassies of Livermore R/J324/4L Sheena MacQueen
Jacquie's Fankle Jacquie's Fankle R323/3L John Wilkinson
Abel's Welcome Abel's Welcome R324/4L Rik de Vroome
Higher Math Higher Math R325p Linda Lieberman
Danish Royalties Danish Royalties R403/4L Gunnar Numeus
Drummer and the Dancer, The The Drummer and the Dancer R323/3L Mats Melin
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake R/J324/4L Sally Dee
Eigg, Muck and Rum Eigg, Muck and Rum R32lines Deborah Dennison
Ladies and Gents Ladies and Gents R403/4L Jane Lataille
Orion's Dance Orion's Dance R324/4L Chris Ronald
Golden Chain, The The Golden Chain S323/3L Chris Ronald
Winter's Ride, A A Winter's Ride R242/4L Carolyn Hunt
Flowers of Scotland Flowers of Scotland J242/4L Sheena MacQueen
Great Expectations Great Expectations R/J322/4L Carolyn Hunt
Selkirk Settlers, The The Selkirk Settlers R403/3L Margaret Zadworny
Atholl Reel, The The Atholl Reel R/S322/4L John S Trew
Armadale Castle Armadale Castle R323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Bramble Circle, The The Bramble Circle R/J321C Elinor M Vandegrift
Wigglety-Wagglety Wigglety-Wagglety R324/4L John D Wilcock
Mairi's Reel Mairi's Reel R322/4L Mairi Lees
Mohonk Welcome, The The Mohonk Welcome R322RR Robert Houghton
Wheels Around The World Wheels Around The World R404S RSCDS Newcastle upon Tyne Branch
Catch As Catch Can Catch As Catch Can R324/4L Jo Hamilton
Lightbulb Reel, The The Lightbulb Reel R323/4L Marian Jennifer Holmes
Raising The Anchor Raising The Anchor R325/5L Iain Boyd
Bicycle Reel, The The Bicycle Reel R324/4L Fiona Reading
Summertown Circulation Summertown Circulation R322RR Alice Stainer
Farrier's Daughter, The The Farrier's Daughter R484S Emma Edminson
Wee Barra Wee Barra R484S Ponteland Class
Redgaven Reel, The The Redgaven Reel R324/4L Neil M Grant
Sweet Beet, The The Sweet Beet R323/4L Gill Niblock
Domino 8 Domino 8 R328p Doug Macdonald
Farewell to Forty-Nine Farewell to Forty-Nine R323/4L Bonn/Cologne Dancers
Summer Superstars Summer Superstars R323/4L Murrough Landon
Ins and Outs Ins and Outs R324S Rik de Vroome
Lyne Valley Reel Lyne Valley Reel R403/4L Evelyn Ramwell