Tune "Any Good Jig" (author's statement) 11553

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Bramble Circle, The The Bramble Circle R321C Elinor M Vandegrift
Startled Rabbits, The The Startled Rabbits J325/5L Derek Haynes
Golden Apple Jig, The The Golden Apple Jig J403/4L Chris Ronald
Grand Central Station Grand Central Station J323/4L Chris Ronald
Ceilidh Night Ceilidh Night J327/7L Derek Haynes
Trip to Fanwood Trip to Fanwood J323/4L Chris Ronald
Pillar Dance, The The Pillar Dance J404S Chris Ronald
Golden Chain, The The Golden Chain S323/3L Chris Ronald
Nunspeet Frolic Nunspeet Frolic J323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Four Daisies Four Daisies J322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Scotia Swing Scotia Swing J323/4L Chris Ronald
Exercise for Beginners Exercise for Beginners R64any/-anyL Frans Ligtmans
Marjolijn's Jig Marjolijn's Jig J323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Black House, The The Black House J322/4L Frans Ligtmans
Room One Room One J323/3L Rod Downey
Trip to Johnsonville School, A A Trip to Johnsonville School J324/4L Rod Downey
From Finland to Bavaria From Finland to Bavaria J323/4L Ute Hoppmann-Lacour
Wavre Adieu a La Saltarelle Wavre Adieu a La Saltarelle J484/4L Gillian Mackintosh & Anna Smail
Poohsticks Poohsticks J404/4L Gillian Mackintosh
Rosie's Ceilidh Rosie's Ceilidh J322RR Lara Friedman-Shedlov
Stranfasket Hill Stranfasket Hill J484/4L Rod Downey see notes
Foxgloves Foxgloves J323/3L Manuela Bracht
Johnny's New Jig Johnny's New Jig J322/4L Susie Langdon Kass the author adds "(or reel)"
Alexander's Castle Alexander's Castle J323/4L Linda Mae Dennis
Saturday Market Saturday Market J323/4L Linda Mae Dennis
Wedding in August Wedding in August J404/4L Zoltán Gräff
Autumn Leaves Autumn Leaves J323/4L Jane Lataille
Will Starr Will Starr J322/4L Rod Downey
Dust Devils Dust Devils J324pS Jane Lataille
Cactus Flower Cactus Flower J325pS Jane Lataille
Scottish Witch Scottish Witch J324/4L Jane Lataille
Bridge over Troubled Waters Bridge over Troubled Waters J323pT Deborah Moore
Island Breeze Island Breeze J322/3L Jane Lataille
Mulled Cider Mulled Cider J322/3L Jane Lataille
Too hot to tango Too hot to tango J323/3L The Santa Fe Country Dancers
Watch This Watch This J325/5L Jane Lataille
Starsigns Starsigns J32? Jane Lataille
Central Park Central Park J323/4L Chris Ronald
Lover's Lane Lover's Lane J323/3L Jane Lataille
Peas in a Pod Peas in a Pod J321c Jane Lataille
Santa Fe Summer Santa Fe Summer J324p Jane Lataille
Hot Chili Hot Chili J32lines Jane Lataille
Tumbleweeds Tumbleweeds J324pS Jane Lataille
Brownian Motion Brownian Motion J32? Jane Lataille
Snapdragon Snapdragon J322/4L Carolyn Hunt
Loom, The The Loom J323/4L Eric Ferguson
Path Of Life, The The Path Of Life J323/4L Frans Ligtmans
Margaret Mitchell's Rant Margaret Mitchell's Rant J324/4L Tim Wilson
Ann of Gleneagles Ann of Gleneagles J324/4L John Drewry
Ride Across the Moon Ride Across the Moon J324/4L Jennie Miller Any 4 x 32 jig with a good beat.
Draught Dance, The The Draught Dance J323/4L Julia McLaughlin
Good Luck to Thomas Good Luck to Thomas J323/4L Rik de Vroome
Downing Street Downing Street J323/4L Esther Hawkins
Highland Heather Highland Heather J323/4L Ben Stein
Scotch Rose Scotch Rose J322RR Priscilla Burrage / Ben Stein
Stooge Extraordinaire Stooge Extraordinaire J323/4L Corentin Lefèvre
12th Night Ball, The The 12th Night Ball J403/3L Carole Skinner
Christmas Tree Jig, The The Christmas Tree Jig J483T Kathryn Coles
Walk With Me Walk With Me J323/4L Tim Hoffmann
David's Box David's Box J322/4L Sandee Schultz
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake R324/4L Sally Dee
Aztec Weave Aztec Weave J32lines Jane Lataille
Road to Rothesay, The The Road to Rothesay R323/3L Daphne Gair
Reunion, The The Reunion J324/4L Sue Ronald
Kachina's Carousel Kachina's Carousel J324/4L Chris Ronald
July 28th Jig, The The July 28th Jig J323/3L Cincinnati Branch Members
Blackford Jig Blackford Jig J403/4L Evelyn Ramwell
Flowers of Scotland Flowers of Scotland J242/4L Sheena MacQueen
Wandering Piper, The The Wandering Piper J324/4L Roy Goldring
Great Expectations Great Expectations J322/4L Carolyn Hunt
Friendship Jig Friendship Jig J324S Richards & Gilchrist
Tartan Ribbons Tartan Ribbons J323/4L Lindsey Trafford
Round And Round The Radical Road Round And Round The Radical Road J403/4L Margaret Elgie & Jack Crosbie
Buckie Jig, The The Buckie Jig J322/4L John S Trew
Barton Chase Barton Chase J403/4L Clare Cox
Clockwork Clockwork J322/4L Russell King
Ring in the New Ring in the New J323/4L Jo Hamilton
Arctophiles' Jig, The The Arctophiles' Jig J323/4L Romaine Butterfield
Warm Up Dance, A A Warm Up Dance J322RR Robert Houghton
Aviator, The The Aviator J323/4L Carola Fischer [»Any good, light, flowing jig, not too fast!«]